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Poem: Our boat

You were my big wing
Just you just there.
And you had me
just as I was.
Dead or alive
You were my prize
Washed up by Her tide
onto our shore.
Protecting me from
the blue men.

Pink and still
Our waters held us together
in our boat, unrefined
As holy and dazzling as a thrash
of the Arctic tern’s wing.

But then the waters.
Oh the waters!
Black threads leached
from my head into
our sweetest pool and
the boat was gagged,
upchucked, spewed up in
all cruel directions. But!
You had me.

Until you handed me a
Shells had never confused me before.
But it felt strange in my palm and
funny in my brain.
And now I know why:
It is sharp.
It is sharp and I don’t understand
I don’t understand I don’t understand
why it has made a hole in
Our boat.

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