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I numb all my feelings and emotions
So that I can seem as calm as the oceans
No highs or lows every day
Just getting through in any way

I try and hide the shame
From the many sins against my name
Too scared to love for fear of punishment
Too scared to be open for fear of judgement

Can I embrace the vulnerability?
I’m not sure that I have the ability
To be an open book
To allow everyone an inside look

Into my heart and soul
And see why I can’t be whole
But maybe I can defy
And I can begin and I can try

I believe in the need for connections
I’ve steered clear of them like an infection
But I know now the value
Of the connections with you, you, you, you and you.

Michael is a Clutha disaster survivor, public speaker and Complex PTSD/mental health advocate.

Check out Michael’s Twitter and website here.

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