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Lost For Words

Once again my mobile summons,

I’m there to take your call,

Ask you how your day has been,

Listen to your events both big and small

You spout out names of people,

Who you seem to hold so close,

Fascinated with their dramas,

I’m regaled my daily dose

But rarely do you ask of me,

The small things that make my day,

Perhaps I’m no longer valued,

In a caring, loving way

So who do have to turn to,

Not the person I should entrust the most,

I’m a character full of deeds and joys,

But with an audience that’s now a ghost

Are my stories no longer worthy,

Is my day just a token passing,

I long to share the little things,

That make my life a blessing

So with not one soul to listen,

I resort to the local park,

To chat to the birds one last time,

Before it’s forever dark

the past follows me

What it's really like to have electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)